Our Cases (FIRs)/Letters With the Police. No Action.

For over one year we’ve gone on submitting letters and filing cases (called FIRs in India) with the police. We repeatedly asked for protection. But they refused to act. Below are the cases and letters we filed.

FIR No. 217 for Extortion filed on 14 May 2015
fir 217 full

FIR No. 292 For Assault and Malicious Sabotage of Water Supply 12 June, 2015

fir 292 full


FIR No. 539 for Assault, Extortion, Damage to Property filed on 7 November 2015

fir 539 full

FIR No. 196 for Theft and Criminal Conspiracy to Intimidate and Harass filed on 12/6/15

fir 196 full